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i see it all i'm sure but
do i know what's right
i thought i knew but it turns out the other way
i am scared that i won't find a thing
and afraid that i'll turn out to be alone, but i
i have to learn, have to try, have to trust i have to cry
i have to see, have to know that i can be myself
and if i could i would stay
and if they're not not in my way
i'll stare here in the distance
but i'll grow up to be just like you, yeah

3 rosés - 1 batida - 1 rhum coca light - 2 mojitos - 1 cocktail ??!#%!!§ - 1 bisou - 1 rhum coca light - 1 mojito...



j'adore sortir sans un balle et boire comme une riche :-)

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